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Vidya Mandir Public School is an epitome of excellence. It offers strong academics, embedded with the gift of overall development of a child. Compassionate teachers and staff make the school an ideal learning platform. It is like a family to my children and we have been welcomed with open arms since the first day. The school has been an excellent blend of both academics and co-curricular activities. Regular counseling sessions, webinars and other extra curricular platforms enhance students’ knowledge and make them confident enough to face the challenges of the world. Well equipped laboratories provide a better learning experience and practical approach to the students. A great thanks to everyone!

Anju Sharma
Mother of Aman Sharma XII C4

Being parent, I am very pleased to share my experience of the passion and spirit of dedicated teachers of VMPS. It has been more than one year of pandemic and it is very crucial time to cope up with present scenario but the assertive, committed and dedicated teachers are always ready to put their best efforts to bring real teaching of classrooms on the screens. They are always ready to take initiative and adopt innovative strategies and techniques for the improvement of students. These ways are appreciable where teachers make learning process fun and interesting. Moreover, online class platform Zoom with quality education is really worth. The best methods are adopted to make concept in an easy going manner. I am fully satisfied as my child is able to pursue his studies even in lockdown situation.

Pawan Batra
Father of Harshit Batra VI A

We have been associated with VMPS since my daughter was in grade KG. The warm, nurturing and academic environment has transformed my daughter into an avid and successful learner. With an excellent curriculum and diligent teaching staff, she has grown up as an independent learner, possessing a very positive attitude. Vidya Mandir not only focuses on improving areas of need but also puts a huge emphasis on bolstering individual strengths. The teachers are highly qualified, thoughtful and nurturing. I am happy to be a part of VMPS family.

Jyotsna Kathuria
Mother of Sihi Kathuria III A

My ward is studying in Vidya Mandir Public School from grade VII and her experience is gratifying. Teachers are mature, experienced, qualified and considerate. They work really hard with all the students. Science, Mathematics and English teachers have an exemplary command on their subject matter. They always welcome doubts and are not partial. Any communication between parent and teacher is totally transparent.
Proud to be associated with VMPS Family

Manoj Kashyap
Father of Reet Kashyap ( X D)

Well qualified staff along with smart learning techniques has made studies interesting for students. I attribute this to the exemplary teaching of the school. Not only academics but there are a lot of co-curricular activities in the school which lead to the holistic development of a child’s personality.

Chhavi Bansal
Mother of Omya Bansal-KG-A

Vidya Mandir Public School is a breath of fresh air in the education environment of today. I am grateful for all the love poured to our children repeatedly over the years. They have truly flourished under the care, guidance and hard work of the teachers.

Aditya Bhamra
Father of Pererita VI G

I am grateful for the dedication and hard work of the teachers. The teachers are loving and my son is receiving excellent support and guidance. The management of the school is really appreciable as it is always there to listen to the parents in this difficult situation and work in co-ordination to provide quality education to each child.

Mrs Manju Chhabra
Mother of Vibhu Chhabra VIII-K

I am from medical background and hence know the significance of hygiene and sanitzation especially in this time of the deadly pandemic. I am extremely pleased with all the precautionary measures taken by Vidya Mandir beginning with temperature check at the school gates, regular sanitization, installation of hand sanitizer and reminders/posters everywhere. It is so good to see the school not only ensuring quality education but safety and security of all its students as well.

Mother of Sheetal VIII-K

I,  Manisha Bhatnagar , mother of Arush Bhatnagar of V-C would like to give my hearty thanks to Vidya Mandir School’s Principal, staff members & all teachers for the hard work they have put in online classes & online activities. The efforts they are putting into teach our children like preparing lessons, by providing them physical education classes, making kids learn through fun, activity-based learning etc is indeed praiseworthy.
I think managing a large number of students very patiently through distance learning is one of the big achievements.

They always make sure that each child gets proper attention to learning smooth. It’s all really a very hard job and i highly appreciate it.
I personally feel very satisfied and happy.

Manisha Bhatnagar
Mother of Arush Bhatnagar V-C

I, Neetu Jain, mother of Nancy Jain of IV E, really appreciate the efforts of the teachers in this pandemic situation. The teachers are working hard to ensure the continuous learning of the students. The teachers and management are taking care of overall development of the children by conducting various co- curricular activities along with the academic sessions.

It was overwhelming to see how quickly and efficiently the new way of learning was adopted by the school and not only this the entire parent community was also made comfortable.

I am incredibly grateful to all the teachers.

Neetu Jain
Mother of Nancy Jain IV E

As a parent I am very happy and satisfied being a part of the Vidya Mandir family.

The year started with a lot of apprehensions regarding the way forward and the effectiveness of this never before used online medium of learning. All of us have had our share of difficulties and hardships trying to cope up with these trying times.

I would like to profoundly appreciate the efforts of all the mentors to make this transition to online medium, not only smooth but also fruitful. A lot of things that seemed impossible to impart through the virtual world have been made possible with the untiring efforts of the mentors and the management.

Mother of Nandit Sheokand class IV J

I am glad to share my experience with Vidya Mandir Public School. I have seen the efforts of the teachers. They make the concepts clear by giving real life examples. I am totally satisfied with the school as I have observed a drastic change in my ward’s performance. It has been a great experience with the school.

Thank you for managing the classes very well during the time of pandemic.

Anil Gupta
Father of Atharv Gupta (IX- E)

My ward is studying in Vidya Mandir Public School (Grade IX ) and in my opinion, Vidya Mandir is the best school in Faridabad not only because of the holistic education it provides but also because the school leaves no stone unturned in providing individual attention to each child. The teachers have been working so hard making PDFs, PPTs and conducting class test, periodic test. Not only for a single day were the studies obstructed due to the pandemic. I am glad my ward study in this school.

Pramod Vashisht
Father of Ujjwal Vashisht (IX D)

My ward is studying in X grade in VIDYA MANDIR PUBLIC SCHOOL. He got the admission in IX grade and since then his progress is satisfying. The curriculum is designed to ensure all round development of the child. Teachers take the doubts of the students without a failure.

We truly appreciate the hardwork of the teachers. Regular counselling sessions help students in future prospects. I am really happy that my child is studying in VMPS.

Prakash Chand Tiwari
Father of Tanuj Tiwari (X J)

My ward Devansh Sharma is studying in IX Grade in Vidya Mandir Public School.

All teachers are experienced and well qualified. The way of teaching is really appreciable.
The sincere efforts of the teachers and the management has made my ward perform his best in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Really feel proud to be a part of VMPS family.

Ramdutt Sharma
Father of Devansh Sharma (IX F)

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