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Our Vision

At Vidya Mandir, along with the pursuit of academic excellence, the Vision is to impart a Value-Based Education.

Our endeavour is to foster the best of Indian values and also cultivate a global outlook in our students. The objective of education is not to cover the mind with a bundle of facts, but to enable it to think creatively, pursue the creation with a sense of curiosity and to enhance one’s level of curiosity continuously. Vidya Mandir equips the children with life skills so that they face the future with confidence and courage. Steps to healthy living, art of getting along with people, balanced approach to life, ability to face challenges and effective communication are some of the finer aspects of life that we instil in our children in their formative years.

So far we have been successful in our efforts and we hope that this trend will gain in strength and momentum in the coming years.

Our Mission

We aim to focus on value based education and critical thinking, to make our children realise the significance of knowing, believing, making judgement and then taking action wisely.

  • Our Mission is to–INFORM.. EMPOWER..& INVOLVE.
  • To INFORM children about the issues and concerns that affect their everyday living.
  • To EMPOWER kids by imparting required skills and providing them opportunities to develop their fullest potential.
  • To INVOLVE them in all the stages of their own personal development.
  • Every effort is made at Vidya Mandir, to inculcate in our new generation of nation builders the humility to rise above their individual needs, serve mankind and develop into the “citizens of the world”.
  • We strive to create a secure environment for our students where they can receive skills to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn to respect other cultures.

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